Newcastle, UK, Sept. 2007 – A preliminary study from Newcastle Hospital shows evidence that the regular use of an inversion table may significantly reduce the need for back surgery.

Reduce back pain with inversion therapy

Newcastle University Studies Inversion


Patients who were told they needed sciatic operations were divided into two groups. One group regularly practiced inversion therapy along with regular physiotherapy, while the other practiced physiotherapy alone.


reduce need for back surgery with an inversion table

Back surgery procedures reduced after inverting.


The results showed that patients who practiced inversion were 70.5% less likely to require surgery.

Professor David Mendelow, head of Neuroscience at Newcastle University in England, told the London Telegraph that he estimates inversion therapy could save £80 million a year (about $160 million) in unnecessary surgeries. The results suggest that some patients may be spared major surgery by what many regard as novel treatment. We could like to carry out a larger study to prove this further.