What do you do when you have suffered from chronic back and shoulder pain for years, you can no longer enjoy the things you love and prescriptions and injection treatments are not effective? You do what Dan did and you get a Teeter!


“At 59, I had been suffering from chronic back and shoulder pain for well over three years. It had gotten to the point that I was ready to give up golf and I was limited on what other outdoor activities I could do. I was getting depressed and frustrated about my physical well-being and my inability to enjoy life. It was not only taking a toll on me, but also my wife, as I just quit doing things. I was taking 10-12 NSAIDS on a daily basis just to get by. I was also getting trigger point pain injections about every three months to try and alleviate the pain.

“In May 2013, I saw your ad on TV and thought’ “What do I have to lose at this point?” I received your product and had it together in a very short period of time. I found your instructions and DVD were very well done and extremely helpful. I immediately started on a twice a day program inverting myself at 60 degrees. In five short months, my life has turned around 180 degrees and I feel like a kid again. I have shaven 6 strokes off my golf handicap and my wife and I are active for the first time in 3 – 4 years. We are golfing, fishing and hiking again and the best part is, that I am able to play around and wrestle with my grandkids. Your product has completely changed my life and is nothing short of a miracle to me. Through my success, three of my friends have purchased Teeter Hangs Ups.

“I could go on and on about my Teeter Hang Ups, but I do not want to bore you. Thanks again for your wonderful product and giving my life back. I am a ‘new man!!!!!!’”

After Dan sent us his story, we wanted to share it so we asked him to send us a photo to include in this post. Dan quickly responded with his image and the below:

“This is the first time I have ever written in to a company, but given my personal success, I wanted you guys to know. I can only hope that someone else will read about it and also enjoy getting their health back as much as I have.

“I have attached a picture of my wife Monika and I golfing on Maui. Before the Teeter Hang Ups, this would not have been possible.

“Thank you very much for an excellent product that performs as advertised.”