Seattle, and the entire Puget Sound region, is a diverse business community often times associated with hot tech companies or an aerospace juggernaut. So when the Puget Sound Business Journal puts out their annual “40 under 40” Awards, do you expect it to have the CEO of a family company which makes a living flipping people upside down?rylie-teeter-leier-03-600

Rylie Teeter Leier, CEO of STL International, Inc (dba Teeter) was honored as one of the Puget Sound’s top 40 business leaders in the region who is under 40 years of age. The article introduces us to Rylie through her mantra,

“Will is far more important than skill.”

In 2007 she jumped in the driver’s seat of the business her parents, Roger & Jenny Teeter, started in their garage in 1981. Since then Rylie has lead Teeter in the growth of their traditional business and the expansion into new product markets. The article continues, “Teeter makes inversion tables called ‘[Teeter] Hang Ups’ designed to help people with lower-back pain. They’re available at stores such as Costco, Relax the Back and Sports Authority, but have also been marketed through a two-minute infomercial.”

“In 2011, she decided to expand the infomercial to 30 minutes. She presents and sells the product via QVC and the Home Shopping Network. She upgraded the Puyallup company’s software processing system, and supervised the introduction of a new fitness product called Thunderbell and accompanying DVD fitness videos.”

Pick up a copy of The Puget Sound Business Journal or visit their site to read the article in its entirety.

All of us at Teeter are tremendously proud of Rylie and celebrate her in this award and all of our company’s successes. We’re just glad the rest of Puget Sound now knows what we have known for years.



Photos courtesy of The Puget Sound Business Journal