UL Listed Inversion Table

New Inversion Table Listing

Puyallup, WA – November, 2010 – Why is the UL mark important for inversion tables? There are currently no adequate government regulations to effectively oversee the structural integrity or reliable function of inversion tables. Therefore, the market is vulnerable to products that are manufactured with inferior quality standards. In recent years, this risk has been punctuated by several major recalls by inversion table manufacturers prompted by consumer injuries.

With no way to quantify manufacturer claims of “safety,” this term is commonly used without substantiation. Consumers are right to question – what is truly safe?

Teeter is proud to announce that UL has introduced new safety testing and certification requirements specifically for inversion tables in UL 1647, UL’s Standard for Safety for Massage and Exercise Machines. All Teeter home-use inversion tables have now been authorized to bear the new mark and currently, Teeter offers the only inversion tables on the market to have passed these specifications. Unlike previous UL certifications, the new standard is designed to test the unique function of the inversion table and simulate “real world” use.

These specifications evaluate such key factors as:

  • Cycle testing to a minimum of 30,000 repetitions.
  • Weight load testing to a minimum 400% safety factor (based on the maximum rated user weight).
  • Ankle closure endurance testing to a minimum of 30,000 repetitions.
  • Top-speed rotation testing at the maximum rated user weight to ensure integrity under extreme conditions.

While we at Teeter pride ourselves on producing the most widely used inversion table in the world, safety throughout the industry is our number one priority. That is why all Teeter inversion tables meet the highest standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and we encourage our colleagues in the inversion industry to follow suit. When consumers are inverting securely in their homes, regardless of the brand, we all win.

As UL states, “As consumers, we make important decisions every day about the products we purchase and use in our homes, Underwriters Laboratories is committed to the safety and protection of all consumers in their daily lives.” Consumers now have the power to look for inversion tables that bear the UL Listing Mark, confident in their knowledge that UL rigorously tested representative samples of Teeter products to determine their compliance with the requirements of the new standard.

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