We think the people we work with are pretty cool and a big part of what makes up Teeter tick! Check back often to get to know more of our team members:

Anthony Morris

Hometown: Orting, WA

Dinner or dessert: Dessert (Pinnaple Upside Down Cake)

Who is your favorite president: Donald Trump ;)

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Speed Racer

What is your favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

How long have you worked at Teeter? 6 years

How would you describe you job to a 3rd grader? I make sure all the parts of our product are safe.

Anthony has managed our Quality Assurance for a number of years and plays a key role in maintaining Teeter’s superior level of product safety and quality. Anthony routinely travels to Asia (see photo gallery below), working with our factory teams to inspect products and ensure good manufacturing practices. This dedication to quality standards is what has earned Teeter inversion tables the coveted UL Listed mark.

What is your favorite part about your job? “I really like teaching people about what sets Teeter apart and how their job impacts the bigger picture.”

What is your favorite Teeter product? “It’s got to be the NXT-R because that is the first table I saw all the way through the QA process; from product development to manufacturing and then to the store. It just really took the standard of what an inversion table can be to the next level.”

If you could be any part of a Teeter inversion table, what part would you be and why? “The Flex Tech bed on the EP and Contour series tables, because it’s flexible.”

Anthony is also passionate about photography. View some of his photos from his trips to China in the gallery below: