We think the people we work with are pretty cool and a big part of what makes up Teeter tick! Check back often to get to know more of our team members:

Janie Ott

Hometown: Auburn, WA

What is your dream car? “Anything chauffeured.”

What is your favorite TV show? “United States of Tara.”





Dogs or Cats? “Definitely dogs. I have two chihuahuas that are like my kids.”

How long have you worked at Teeter? “I just had my 3 year anniversary.”

How would you describe your job to a 3rd grader? “I get a list of all the people and businesses that have ordered products and get all the paperwork ready so their orders can be shipped.”

What is your favorite Teeter product? “The DEX II is awesome! I’ve tried every product and inversion table we have, and I love the type of stretch the DEX II gives me. I think it’s because it isolates your hips and you lean forward instead of backwards like with an inversion table, so it’s a different kind of stretch that has really helped me with my own lower back problems.”

If you could be any part of a Teeter inversion table, what part would you be and why? “A roller hinge because I’m the main component between two big pieces that keeps everything moving.”