Gene suffered a major injury as a result of a parachuting accident while in the Army. Using his Teeter has increased his flexibility, reduced his pain level and has him feeling “better all the way around.”


Gene: When I was in the army years ago, I had made a jump one morning and I had experienced a near total malfunction of my parachute, causing me to hit the ground in a much faster rate of speed, as you can imagine. The end result was I had suffered compression fractures throughout my neck and back and my left leg. And because of those injuries, I have experienced a lot of stiffness and a lot of pain over the last many years.

Since using the FitSpine, I’ve noticed that my discomfort levels have honestly decreased probably by about 50%. And what that means to me is that I actually moved easier, I can flex more, I no longer turn my entire body if I want to look sideways. I feel better all the way around. My neck feels better, my back feels better, it helps your legs – it stretches everything, from the ankles to the neck.

The quality of the product is pretty amazing. When I first took it out of the box and I started looking at the pieces, I was impressed. It’s a very well-made piece of equipment. It’s sturdy, it’s solid. There’s only one moving part, the table itself, but it’s just a very high-quality machine.

Jumping out of airplanes is a lot of fun. We all know there’s risk to it and accidents happen. I was fortunate to come through this one and I’m actually doing very well today and the FitSpine has been helping me with that.