By Leah Stippich

As the nanny for the CEO of Teeter, Rylie Leier, I was exposed to a unique perspective of the company and employees. When I was first asked to come in for an interview, Rylie sent me a link of their website. She told me that I should check it out and see a little bit about what they do, since I will be so closely involved with their family. My initial reaction was skepticism, thoughts like, “hanging upside down certainly didn’t seem like a fix for back pain,” and “there was no way people were actually buying into this!”


As I started taking care of the children, I began to see what this company actually had to offer. The people who worked in the office actually believed in the product, and used it in their homes. I got to know the family and realized they were sincerely passionate about this product, used it themselves, and wanted to help people struggling with back pain.  I had realized that this was not just a business pushing products, but Teeter Inversion Tables were sold by people who loved and believed in inversion.

I later transitioned jobs and became an employee of the company. For my first project, I was involved in reviewing written and video testimonials. These were the unedited versions of what actual customers had to say about the product. There were several that stuck out to me, one in particular made me go from skeptic to believer. Teeter Hang Ups went to Green Lake Park in Seattle and asked random people try a Teeter inversion table. Here was my chance to discover the truth – did people actually believe the Teeter worked? I was shocked that even after just a few minutes on the Teeter, random bystanders responded in surprise that they could immediately feel the positive effects from inverting. When I could see on camera their faces and genuine responses, I couldn’t deny it any longer, these Teeter Inversion Tables are making a difference in people’s lives. This was just one of the many testimonials that enlightened me on how inversion therapy really impacts people and gives relief that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

I have now found myself talking about Teeter Hang Ups with random people at the doctor or grocery store, because I know how much it can help. I have always been a very skeptical person, so I approached Teeter Hang Ups in the way I do everything else, with doubt and inquisition. I have been proven wrong; inversion therapy really does work and can benefit your health in so many ways.

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