Teeter Hang Ups relieved her back and pelvic pain

While Chris M. didn’t always know that the Teeter Hang Ups was the answer to her back and pelvic pain, she intuitively know that hanging upside down would help relieve her ailments. Read more about her story below.


“I cannot say enough about the Teeter and what it has done in a week for my back and pelvis!!!!!! I was diagnosed several months ago with Pudendal Nerve Entrapment and compression in the L4 region of my spine from pronating for years on my right side and was in physical therapy 4 days a week with both a Pelvic Therapist and a Chiropractor to help correct the problems that had resulted. And though it helped, NOTHING was giving me the full-out stretch that I knew my body needed to get relief from the pain I’ve been in. I kept saying at every PT appointment: “I just need to be hung upside-down.” When I saw the Teeter being advertised on TV, I knew it was exactly what I have been looking for.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU creator of the TEETER. I have already told all of my friends and family and will continue to spread the word about this incredible machine.

Sign me a sincerely happy and stretched out camper!!!!”