LuminattixLuminattix was able to find relief through with his EP-850 after 3 years of pain. Read Lumiinattix’s story and see how a resolution to live pain free is as easy as finding a Teeter:


“I have had really bad pain from a pinched nerve in my shoulder and back  for about 3 years now. I could not get rid of it or even find temporary relief.

After getting my table I couldn’t wait to get it home. The minute I tried it out my back stretched and I heard a pop in my back; I felt so relieved. I couldn’t believe that the part of my body I couldn’t move actually opened up and was able to crack.

I only use it for 2-3 minutes every two days and its been 1-2 weeks so far. I was going to take short term disability due to the pain, but now it is manageable and I am improving.

I am very happy with this product and thank you for a quality product. It just recharges me and takes the tension off of my spine.”