acu-pressure nodesTommy has been using the EP-560 for stretching and inverted activities, and he’s thrilled with the results. He’s also one of our first customers to use the acupressure nodes.


“I purchased my Teeter, not because of back pain, but as an aid in flexibility and the numerous other benefits of inversion. I am extremely happy with the quality and stability of the table I received.

I am 50 years old and I live a very active lifestyle. I lift weights, play golf, try to live like I’m 30, so that comes at a price, soreness. With the Teeter, I am able to recover from heavy weight training much quicker, and my golf swing has improved due to the flexibility. I have been able to achieve [increased] blood flow and oxygen utilization has been increased, stress levels can be lowered immediately, man I could go on and on.

I tell everyone I talk to everyone from my lifting buddies to my golf friends about my Teeter. I know everyone who will use it will benefit from it.

Oh I also invert a couple more times on workout days so that I can do part of my ab workout. The inverted sit ups and other exercises I do while inverted really rip you up! Again I truly wish everyone could use the Teeter, it will improve anyone’s overall health and wellness.

“I started using the acupressure nodes and wow!!! I have been able to work sore muscles out to the point of pain free for a reasonable amount of time. Another excellent application to total wellness.”

Tommy C.