Ted gave inversion a try to relieve sciatic and knee pain. He had a hero rescue him from pain that had been chronic and restrictive. Here is his Teeter story of healing:

Ted S. of Georgetown, CA says, "Your inversion table has been incredible."
I injured my back over the years while building houses. My back also suffered while filling sandbags in a rush to protect my property from spring floods. Normal activities became more and more restrictive as I got older and sciatica occurred in the left leg. It got so bad that I couldn’t walk more than a quarter mile without extreme knee pain…..which, as it turned out, had nothing to do with the knee.

I’ve seen Roger’s commercials on TV over the years and decided that it was time to try inversion….after all, it made total sense to elongate the spine and give relief to the nervous system.

Your inversion table has been incredible…I’ve been using it for only three weeks now and my back and leg feel better than they have in years. I have a herniated disk, a bulging disk and sciatica in my left leg..am able to walk more now, which helps in my recovery. My sciatica is 95% gone.

The table was pretty easy to assemble. The instructions are great and it only took about an hour.

I hang for 6 minutes, twice a day after a hot shower, which softens my muscles and allows the back to stretch. While hanging perfectly still, I sometimes tip a little further because my body is getting longer! Although a few people have experienced discomfort with hanging upside down, it doesn’t bother me at all. I believe that my brain also benefits from the increased blood flow.

Roger is my new hero..for me now, drugs and surgery are out of the question. Thank you!

By using his Teeter, Ted has nearly eliminated his pain that used to be debilitating, and is standing taller from better posture and renewed sense of back health.