SANTAI received as a Christmas present from my husband the Teeter inversion table, gravity boots, inversion bar, all the equipment that I had asked to have. I have had trouble with my back and protruding discs in my neck for many years. Sometimes just thinking about inverting myself, somehow, my back would literally ache for the feeling of inversion-decompression.

So, I asked for something on this line for Christmas. Well, the good ole boy purchased just what I wanted. I immediately felt a difference after my first use of the table. It is incredible. It is AMAZING!! Truly. Thanks again for making the inversion products for the welfare of those of us who do not want to rely on prescriptions or surgery or pain as a way of life.

T. Hall

I am amazed at the relief I have without those constant reminders of pain.Thanks, Teeter Hang Ups!!! You are on my Christmas Card list for sure!!!

J. Kinder

I bought my second machine so I could have it available on vacation. I had gone on vacation six months before and after a six hour flight and three days, I was miserable. (No inversion table available) I did double duty and sent the inversion table to my Christmas vacation location. It was a great personal gift, but I’m biased!

C. Maynard

The Teeter inversion table is fantastic. I have already gained an inch back on my height and my spine feels young and supple again, not to mention my skin which is glowing and my hair seems thicker. It is the best piece of equipment that I have ever purchased, and I feel de-stressed and in fine tune after using it. I am also doing partial sit ups, so I am thinking I will have a six pack by Christmas. Everybody should own one!




“The very next day after that, I saw an infomercial on the machine and decided to try it