Les found Teeter & received his health back

Les – South Bend, IN

“I went in to the Doctor about 2 months ago because of weakness in my left leg from the calf up to my hip and lower back. I could not stand up for more than 5 minutes without experiencing extreme discomfort. Upon initial evaluation, the doctor determined that I had a slipped disk in my lower back and scheduled me for an MRI. After the MRI, I was told that I had a possible pinched nerve based on the Radiologist review of the MRI results; for further evaluation, I would need to go and see a Neurosurgeon. The next day I went online to look at symptoms and solutions for my problem, that is where I first saw the Teeter Hang Ups.

“The very next day after that, I saw an infomercial on the machine and decided to try it out. A month after using it, I can now stand up without any discomfort for unlimited time periods, I am now able to walk on the treadmill for a mile or however long I decide to. I am using an exercise bike as well. My doctor’s instructions were to do nothing, but ‘take it easy until after I have the damage repaired.’ I thought about the cost of just seeing the neurosurgeon without any surgery or physical therapy or the cost of doing nothing verses at least giving this piece of equipment a try. The Teeter Hang Ups was a win/win for me because for me it worked. It’s well worth it!”