As a dentist, Bruce battled back pain from constant hunching… and finally found relief with the Teeter:

“Just a quick email to share with you my experience of using the inversion rack and gravity boots.

First of all, I am a practising dentist which is a killer job for your back. Additionally, I experienced a serious back problem about 7 years ago when picking up my then 1-year-old daughter. I persisted with CONSTANT pain in the lower back ever since. I am told I have a bulging disc by my friend who has treated me (he’s a physio for the Ireland Rugby Team so he knows what he’s talking about). He has been able to manipulate me and created some relief of symptoms for a very short while. However, I always had this inkling like my body was saying to me if I could hang upside down somehow it would alleviate some of the pressure and pain.

Subsequently I surfed and found the [Teeter Hang Ups] Inversion System. I have really only been using it about a week now and I honestly feel like I’ve had 15 years wound back and I’m in my twenties again!! It’s an incredible thing, I can’t wait to get home from work and get my boots on and hang there for a while – I feel alive again! I want to go out and kick the football with the kids instead of making excuses… I really feel alive again! It has brought me back to life, that’s the only way to describe it!

Many, many thanks
Bruce G.”