Paul, a dentist and avid golfer, feels like he has regained his life after only 2 weeks using his Teeter. Read his story:

I have lived with chronic pain for 16 months after herniating a lumbar disc. As both an avid golfer and dentist, I had everything going against me. Upon the suggestion of a patient, I purchased a Teeter and noticed an immediate improvement.

Ever sit in a quiet room and get an eerie feeling because there is absolutely no noise whatsoever? You actually notice the silence? I didn’t realize how chronic and constant my pain was until I began to notice I was not in pain…  after only 2 weeks of use for only 5 minutes a day.

I do not unconsciously plan every movement of my day around the avoidance of pain anymore. I feel like I have regained my life back; golf, swimming and for the first time in 16 months I ran my ‘favorite’ route – with no back pain during or after my run.”