she uses inversion to help with scoliosis and back pain

Nancy B.

Nancy is new to inversion and already seeing the benefits! She was kind enough to send us this testimonial about how inversion has helped with her scoliosis. Read her testimonial:


“I am 64 years old with a very bad spinal curvature (scoliosis) which I’ve had all my life. Prior to getting the Teeter table, I had stayed pretty mobile by doing stretching exercises every day and taking plenty of anti-inflammatory drugs, but things were getting worse and I had visions of a crippled and painful old age. I received the Teeter table in April (2 1/2 mos ago) and have used it for just a few minutes almost every day since then. I have NO more pain and am MUCH MORE mobile. I only take an occasional anti-inflammatory, usually for an unrelated headache!! Thank you for a great product.”