Testimonial Tuesday: In the Twitter-verse

We often share letters or emails from Teeter fans, and recently we even featured inspiring feedback from our Facebook fans! This week, we turned to Twitter to see what Teeter customers are saying. We found plenty of recent Tweets to read in addition to photos and even a Vine moment:

Our Teeter Fans Around the Net:

A recent Vine upload from one of our Twitter Followers.

An Instagram photo from our good friend and MMA fighter, Manny Rodriguez (@MMA_Manny).

Twitter Testimonials from the month of March:

Teeter Testimonial

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 2.33.51 PM


Inversion table testimonials

Testimonials from a few of our Twitter followers this month!

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  1. I knocked my back completely out of alignment yesterday and I used to have to wait days for my alignment to comeback and pain to subside. Thanks to the Tweeter inversion table, I was able to align my spine almost back to normal today and feeling so much better. Thank you Teeter!

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