Millie M.

Ms. Millie keeps her self feeling young and healthy by using her Teeter Inversion Table everyday. She is able to enjoy her gardening and Taekwondo free from pain.

“I’m fast approaching my 81st birthday. If I did not use this table on a daily basis in addition to the stretches that I do to maintain my body, I would never be able to enjoy my gardening or Taekwondo – I have such a passion for it.

“My children are extremely proud of me because I just keep moving, I’m like that pink bunny, I just keep going and going. Young baby boomers, which include my children, complaining about aches and pains, I say, ‘Well, you need to get yourself an inversion table!’ The Teeter Hang Ups inversion table makes me feel very young. It stretches you all out, you don’t have any pain and all the little muscle cramps and things just disappear. I would call it the ultimate stretch!

“What can be easier than getting on that table and rocking back and forth, it’s all such a passive way to keep yourself healthy! If you want to live a long time with good quality of life, then you have to open up your mind to make changes!! You might be surprised at the benefits that you derive from it! The Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is probably as important to me as brushing my teeth every day.”