After working for years as a Navy mechanic, Mr. Henry was left with severe back pain. He credits the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 for changing his life.

“I am a 54 yr. old man who has worked physically since I turned 14. As a Construction Mechanic with the US Navy CB’s, my lower back and neck area took a lot of abuse from the lifting and contorting it takes to repair and maintain heavy equipment.

For the past 15 years, I have suffered bulging discs, herniated discs and now degenerating discs in lower back and base of neck.

Prior to purchasing the Teeter I normally visited my Chiropractor twice a week to be able to keep working daily, very expensive to say the least.

I purchased the Teeter EP-550 two years ago after seeing an infomercial on the Teeter machines on television. This purchase has changed my life, and it has made a great difference in my bank account also!

After putting in 12 hour days at work, I come home to a relaxing five to seven minute stretch and a few sit-ups while inverted. Pain is something I no longer experience on a daily basis, and on the rare occasion that I do strain muscle or “pinch” a nerve, I am minutes from relief with the Teeter.

I have recommended this to two of my friends and co-workers who now also swear by the machines.

This is the best money I have INVESTED in my life, and my teenage children now reap the benefits of a healthy spine also.”

C. Henry