David E.

“I developed an extruding disc several months ago and the pain was unbearable. My doctor gave me powerful medication and I started physical therapy. I slowly improved but the pain was still always in my legs (sciatica).

I used to have a Teeter Hang Ups but my ex took it. I purchased another one and literally after two minutes the first time my pain disappeared. I was amazed and it has continued to be a life saver, keeping that terrible nerve pain at bay.

It really seems too good to be true, but whenever I start feeling any discomfort in my lumbar region or my leg, a couple of minutes of inversion totally eliminates the pain. I’m playing tennis again and this is all after just one week of inversion. I will continue to use it morning and night. I do understand that this device is not great for everyone, but for me it would have been worth three times the money I paid.”

~David E.