Rick Maisel of Albuquerque, NM

Not only does Rick use his Teeter Inversion Table for daily decompression and exercise, he also trusts his life to Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots as he performs.

“As an escape artist, I began training and performing upside-down eighteen years ago. Your company has developed the most comfortable and durable inversion system. Not only is this preferred, but a must in my profession. One of the reasons that I am the only person in the world to be authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to hang beneath hot-air balloons and helicopters, without safety lines, up to 30,000 feet is because of my detailed safety plans as well as providing computer tests and ratings for all of my equipment. Since your Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots exceed lab tests, with applied loads of 1500 pounds to 2000 pounds (for each boot!), along with my vigorous training and performing schedule… I can actually trust my life to your Hang Ups Gravity Boots.

“As the current world record holder of the upside-down straight jacket escape, in 2.23 seconds , I have been using the Hang Ups Gravity Boots and Inversion Table for performances on stage and television. I’ve had over 400 million television viewers in Europe, Asia, North and South America… along with countless news articles, referring to your products. I don’t mind sharing the headlines with Teeter since the products have now become part of several new escapes… including hanging from the highest buildings around the world and my new version of Houdini’s Chinese Torture Tank.

“My training schedule with Teeter products is more vigorous than my performing schedule. I train 5 or 6 days a week with aerobics, weights and the Teeter Inversion Table. In order to perform escapes upside-down, it was necessary for me to develop my abdominal and neck muscles. To achieve this , I used to do 5,000 sit-ups per work-out and I can do 1,000 sit-ups in 18 minutes. However, I’ve found that when I perform just 100 sit-ups with Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots … I get the same results as performing 1,000 regular sit-ups. Not only have I found the inverted sit-ups to be much less time consuming but much healthier and without the pounding and damage to the back that results from regular sit-ups (I used to actually get scabs on my back by doing so many sit-ups on the ground). I contort my vertebrae and the rest of my body to fit through a 13 to 15 inch door and into a 22 to 24 inch diameter drum as part of my original escape from spinning washing machines full of soap and water. I use different washing machines for each show so that my audience can witness that I don’t use trick washers. As the machines tumble me at 45 to 60 RPM’s, my back is thrown against the lifters and the walls of the drum. After performing, I use the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table to help relax the muscles, surrounding the vertebrae, hanging until the gravity allows my body and posture to correct itself, resulting from the negative effects of the stunt. Thank you, Teeter!

WARNING: These stunts are performed by a trained professional. Do not attempt these stunts at home.