As an Olympic Athlete, Sheri-Ann uses inversion therapy to reduce muscle tension and ligament strains. She chose a Teeter Inversion Table for it’s outstanding quality and design.

As an elite sprinter my body has to be prepared to endure very explosive muscular activity. I have found that inversion therapy helps reduce muscle tension and the likelihood of ligament strains. Furthermore, the recovery benefits; such as reduced muscle stress, enhanced flexibility and improved blood circulation, have proven helpful in any form of activity, whether it be a World Class race or a casual walk. Although the muscular and ligament benefits have made it an integral part of my elite training routine, the posture and circulation effects have further made it a key part of my day. I find myself wanting to exercise just so that I can later enjoy my inversion table.

With Teeter Hang Ups, I found everything I was looking for in an inversion table. As the leading brand within the Inversion Therapy category, I knew that I was getting top-notch quality and reliable customer service. Furthermore, rather than focusing just on inversion therapy itself, their tables also have user-friendly features that appealed to me both as an elite athlete and your average person with an active lifestyle. You can really tell that Teeter Hang Ups makes the end-user the core component in their design process.