Jimmy C. of Oakland, CA

After just a few minutes a day on his Teeter Inversion Table, Jimmy went from constant back pain and needing immediate surgery to avoiding surgery and winning a 10k race in his age group.

“In January of this year, after more than a year of discomfort before that, I was diagnosed with two herniated discs and Spondylolisthesis. My Neurosurgeon wanted to schedule surgery immediately. I wanted to make sure this was the correct path and looked for alternatives. I found a service which provided decompression therapy (actually traction), but they wanted several thousand dollars for the complete course of therapy. Then, I saw a Teeter commercial.

“I purchased an F9000 in April and have used it almost every day since. My current routine is 10 to 15 minutes twice a day with crunches, twists and pull-ups. I have come from constant pain to winning my age group in a 10k race last Sunday. Obviously, the problem has not been eradicated, but I’d call that one heck of an improvement!! Thank you very much!”