Don thought surgery was his only solution to back pain, until he found Teeter Hang Ups.

“Hi, I thought I’d share my experience with the Teeter Hang Ups system. I’m a 55 year old male who’s very physically active but have had neck pain for several years. I found out I had two herniated disks in my neck and started my quest for relief a couple of years ago. I ended up having 5 (that’s right 5) surgeons (3 orthopedic and 2 neuro) tell me my best solution was a 2 level fusion. I refused to believe that and purchased your product. I began inverting for just a few minutes a day and eventually just 3-4 times per week. I also stretch my neck as much as possible. My neck pain is now almost completely pain free and I’m as active as ever. Sometimes when I now jog past one of the surgeons offices who told me I had to have surgery, I send two thumbs up and a big smile his way. I’m a big believer in inversion and have told many of my friends about it. Keep up the good work! Thanks.”