Curtis M. of Wilton, ND

Curtis uses his Teeter Inversion Table daily to workout and stay in shape. With three tables he is never far from “hanging out”.

“I’m sold on the product. I bought my first unit about four years ago because my back was getting in the way of enjoying life. It was the grand experiment and it did work. I call the inversion table my ‘Facilitator’. It allows me to workout daily at home for an hour or so in the morning,without much back discomfort. The inversion table allows me to use the elliptical machine and my Bowflex as part of my daily hour workout.
“I use my Teeter inversion table about half of that time. I really don’t hang out any more as my use of the table is for exercise. I purchased the boots because the tops of my feet didn’t like fifty inverted sit ups three days a week.

“I bought my second machine so I could have it available on vacation. I had gone on vacation six months before and after a six hour flight and three days, I was miserable. (No inversion table available).  I did double duty and sent the inversion table to my Christmas vacation location. It was a great personal gift, but I’m biased. I just got my third machine. I wanted to try the new 850!”