Reg T. of Ontario, Canada

After just a few days on his Teeter Inversion Table, Reg was able to find the relief from back pain that plagued him for years without having to take medication.

“I have had back problems since a car accident in 1982 and have had back pain ever since. More accidents in the 90′s made it even worse. In 2007, I fell and my back was in so much pain that I could not drive, walk more than 50 feet, sit long…nothing. Physio and other treatments gave me some relief after a few months and I was able to do more. During this time I took up to 6 narcotic pain pills and 3 anti-inflammatory pills. This past May, my back got worse again… and again I could do very little.

“My wife saw the ad on The Shopping Channel and I was in so much pain that I decided to give it a try….2 days later I was taking half as many pills and a week or so later, I was not taking any on a regular basis. Now I take very few at all. I have been much more active. I do wear a soft back support when working around the house, but it was the inversion table that helped so, so much.

“Thanks Teeter Hang Ups for a great product at a very reasonable price. P.S. I use it every day and it not only relieves my pain but I find it relaxing.”