Tom F. of Campbell, CA

Tom found Teeter through the same motivation as many other people do: desperation to find relief from back pain. Motocross, sailing, golfing and even shopping with his wife are all things Tom has done without back pain for over 4 years now thanks to trusting his inversion therapy to Teeter.

“I had to respond to this, something I normally do not do. I bought your F5000 about 3 or 4 years ago. That simply has to be one of the best purchases of my life (No, I’m not getting paid to say this.)

“I walked into a Relax the Back store and they had one on display, my back had been killing me for days and I’m looking for relief. I suffered from lower back pain like most people, pinched nerves and/or muscle spasms that REALLY hurt. Anyway, I tell the sales guy that I’m dying and need relief. He puts me on the table and I flip upside down and hang for a couple of minutes, then I hear two pops in my back, I flip back up and the first thing I realize is I have NO PAIN.

“I can’t believe it…I’m so excited I drive home to get my van and came back, picked the thing up that day, and have never looked back. I have not had one repeat of a back injury since then – listen to what I’m saying, NOT ONE REPEAT for three or four years. I used to hang once a day and now it’s down to once a week.

“I’m 54, I ride motocross bikes every Saturday (that will definitely work your back), play golf, race sailboats and the most grueling sport of all SHOPPING with my wife. Any guy will tell you that standing in a store waiting for her to finish is hell on earth. Again, no pain during any of those activities. I have curvature of the spine and lousy posture which all contribute to my previous pain episodes.

“Now I am good to go and loving it. I don’t care who believes me when I tell them the story. I just figure they are missing out…so I continue to spread the word for what it’s worth. In fact, after knowing what I do now and how I feel, I would pay thousands for that feeling and freedom to do what I love which is ride dirt bikes. If this was my business, I would be running door to door to sell the darn thing. Good luck and thanks for saving my life.”