Jim M. of New Zealand

Jim loves to ski, but after finding his flexibility and leg strength was somewhat compromised after back surgery, he wondered how much longer he could enjoy doing what he loved. Once Jim found his Teeter inversion table, he was able to ski pain-free!

“My lower back had been somewhat inflexible since major surgery on L5, S1-3 in 1987. Then in 2002, my right femoral nerve was pinched and permanently damaged. This resulted in a weakened right leg and constant thigh pain.

“That pain was relieved soon after I started using the Inversion Table and now, after three months, is virtually gone. In addition, my lower back flexibility has increased substantially – which is of great benefit to my favorite sport, skiing. With the increased flexibility has come improved coordination as well. Your inversion table must rank among the best investments I have ever made. Thanks for the opportunity.”