Testimonial Tuesdays: “…totally convinced of the benefits of the Teeter”

John F. of Brick, NJ

John’s curiosity about inversion finally got the best of him and he has found the benefits of having a Teeter in his life. Stress relief, muscle relaxation, nerve pressure reduction… John experienced it all!

“I first saw a primitive version of an inversion table in the late 1970′s. When I saw the infomercial a few months ago it rekindled the curiosity I had so many years ago. I have had mine for five weeks now and have been on it everyday. I bring it outside during the day so that I can decompress, de-stress, work on my abs and get some sunshine all at the same time. I also speak on my cell, send and receive emails and texts while inverted. I was even considering turning my television upside down. You look at things differently when you invert.

“I had a discectomy in 1992 and had two severe recurrences of sciatica in 1998 and 2004. I had what I thought was permanent nerve damage in my right foot and was unable to lift the toes of my right foot off the ground. It is called drop-foot and I stumbled up quite a few staircases over the years because my right foot would not cooperate. I can now raise the front of my right foot nearly as high as my left foot. I was constantly doing head-rolls to try and find some comfort in my neck prior to purchasing the Teeter.

“I now do my head-rolls only when I’m inverted to get out any kinks that stress and gravity have conspired to create. I could go on all day about this device and I do so with my friends and family. I am in sales and have marketed several products over the past 30 years. I am totally convinced of the benefits of the Teeter and would be a great advocate for your product. Please let me know if there is any way for me to help spread the word!”

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