Bill B., Nevada

I purchased the Teeter a little over a year ago. I have spinal stenosis, a herniated disk, 2 bulging disks and Osteo arthritis in my lower back. We returned from visiting Alaska in September 2011 and driving the motor-home everyday for two weeks straight was hard on my back. When we arrived in Seattle I was walking with a cane with constant severe lower back pain. I visited my physician and he said go to the Physical Therapist, try walking and increase the dosage of Arthrotec. I was disappointed so decided to try the Teeter. My friend Joe had one and it worked great for him.

I ordered the 950 model because the ankle release had an extended handle which makes it easier to reach. When the Teeter arrived I had such debilitating pain that when I laid back on the Teeter I could not wait to invert and relieve the pressure on my lower back. It took 2 weeks using the Teeter twice a day before I could walk without a cane. The Teeter is not an immediate cure for back pain. It takes time and regular use but the results are remarkable. A side benefit I did not expect was the lengthening of my right leg. After hip replacement surgery it was 1/4″ shorter than the left leg so I had to wear an Orthodic in my right shoe. Now the right leg is the same length as the left leg.