oscarnightLeading up to Oscar night, you may hear clips on TV about movie star secrets to looking flawless on the red carpet. You’ll see articles about miracle detox diets they do to ready themselves for couture fashion or how long it takes them to get their hair and makeup done.

Talking heads will spend hours discussing every shoe, bangle and clutch and how it added or detracted from the look of a particular outfit. But what is the one thing that every statuesque screen star has in common? What is the one thing they do that costs nothing, but can make or break how they look in front of all the paparazzi?


Standing tall, chest slightly forward, shoulders pulled back and head held high is the easiest way to improve how you look. With good posture, you give yourself presence as you enter a room. As you straighten you back and tuck your pelvis, you automatically look slimmer. With your shoulders pulled back, you exude confidence and automatically feel more centered in your own body. Try it now.

How do you feel? Sitting up or standing straight is the fastest way to make you feel better right now. It makes whatever you are wearing look better, and standing tall has a way of making others take notice of you.

You don’t need overpriced creams, juice diets or strategically placed Spanx to look better in this moment, just better posture.

Users frequently report posture improvement with regular use of their Teeter Hang Ups. The natural stretch elongates the torso and relaxes tense muscle, which can help you to stand taller and straighter upon returning upright. Note that good posture can quickly become uncomfortable to maintain if you have a weak core. By strengthening your stomach and back muscles, you can maintain better posture for longer. As you naturally become stronger and more flexible, you will notice your posture naturally improving.