Let’s be honest with each other for a minute – we’re 3+ weeks into the New Year and you may be already realizing that your fitness resolutions for the New Year are about to become part of January’s history. Or perhaps you have managed to engage in a fitness routine, but haven’t taken it to the “next level” like you promised yourself. The quest for a better you isn’t about simply finding a product. It’s about finding a solution – with all the tools you need and the motivation to keep you going.

The ThunderBell Complete Training Program gives you multiple tools in ONE smart, compact design – paired with workouts and guides that will help maximize your time and get the most out of your workouts. Here’s 5 reasons why you have a real chance at being more successful with ThunderBell:

  1. Truly Different: The ThunderBell is like no other product you have used before and the workouts will have you doing movements and exercises you have never done before. If you are just getting started or are already engaged in a fitness regimen, the ThunderBell Complete Training Program will present a unique set of challenges for you.
  2. Do More With Less: The ThunderBell’s 7-grip design enables a seamless transition from one movement to the next and allows you to replace your kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell and medicine ball with this one piece of equipment. Gym consolidation has never been smarter or easier.
    ThunderBell Complete Training Program

    ThunderBell Complete Training Program

  3. Get Fit: A dynamic fitness program, the ThunderBell Complete Training Program simultaneously builds and sculpts while developing balance, coordination flexibility, strength, and endurance.
  4. Real World Impact: It’s about functional fitness – improving your balance, coordination and flexibility will translate in to real-world improvements for athletes to couch-potatoes. Losing weight and defining muscles are important, but the additional benefits found with the program will be the difference in your long-term health and physical enjoyment.
  5. A Coach: During your DVD workouts, you will be motivated and coached by Jeremy Levine, developer of the Navy SEALs Human Performance Program and top athlete fitness trainer. Jeremy and his team have also given you a Fitness Calendar so you know which workout to do each day for the best results. You’ll also receive a Healthy Eating Guide which will fuel your workouts with optimum nutrition to achieve a leaner, healthier you.