Everyone wants to stay young well into their old age, right? Of course we do! There are many ways to help make sure you feel good, stay active, and remain healthy your whole life through. Here are a few tips to stay young, at least at heart. But we think that if you follow these tips, you will also help yourself to stay young in your body and mind, too!

Staying Young

You already know that you can keep your mind active by doing puzzles and mind exercises

– but you’ll also stay younger longer if you stay informed about what is going on in the world. Use the internet, listen to the radio, read magazines and stay up on current events, current trends and information. Stay in touch with the younger generations and what they are interested in. Be the hip grandparents and enlist your grandchildren as allies in your quest to stay young. And in turn, you can also be a source of wisdom and knowledge for them. You’ve lived through a lot, and if you take the time to really understand them, you can help them to see better how to get where they are going.

Keep your musical tastes broad

– and keep people from stereotyping you as “old”.  Enjoy a variety of music and spend time moving your body to the music with dance and other movement activities (a great way to get some fun exercise!).  Grab your partner and get out on the dance floor with your old favorites… but also create or take advantage of other opportunities that can get you moving to more current music, too.  Go to newer nightclubs once in a while, or take a dance or exercise class that features fresher beats!


As long as you are healthy enough, travel. There’s an old Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. quote that says “peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.” There is a sort of truth to that statement, if you really think about it. As long as you stay open to new places to visit, having new experiences, learning about other parts of your word, other cultures (inside or outside of your own country), you have a tendency to stay optimistic and hopeful for the future, which in turn, helps to keep your body and mind active and young! Traveling can really help you to stay young at heart, and the desire to explore and the actions it takes to follow that desire can definitely help you stay young in body and mind, as well!

These are just a few tips for staying young, there are so many other ideas out there! We invite you to follow more of our blog for more tips on how to stay healthy.


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