travelFor some, holiday travel is as necessary as trimming the tree or wrapping presents. Travel by plane, train or automobile can take its toll, however.

Follow these key tips to stay healthy and energized as you travel:




1. Stay Mobile

Long flights, endless car rides and other kinds of travel likely leave you sitting for long periods of time. Take every opportunity you can to get up and move around. Movement helps prevent swelling in your feet, increases your energy and can prevent stiff muscles.
If you find you can’t get up easily, try at least stretching your upper body while you are sitting and rotating your ankles and scrunching up your toes while you are seated. When you are in your hotel room or guest bedroom – stretch before bed and when you wake up. Stretching has been known to increase energy and improve your immune function. (Check out Teeter’s portable Stretching devices: P3 Back Stretcherand Spinal Stretch for relief on the go!)

2. Bring Your Own Food

Foods in airports, truck stops and train stations is notoriously awful. With a little foresight, you can pack a small cooler and bring some fruit, water, carrots and hummus and other snacks that will give you energy instead of taking away energy. If you are in a pinch, do a bit of searching and you can find some healthy options. String cheese, jerky, unsalted nuts, and even bananas can usually be found at convenience stores.

3. Take Advantage of Down Time

“Hurry up and wait” is a familiar concept to many travelers. Instead of looking at the hours of waiting as a chore, look at is as an opportunity to catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to read, write a letter to an old friend, practice some quiet meditation or watch a favorite movie on a tablet or laptop. Often we beg for time to relax – use time sitting around as an opportunity to indulge in finer pleasures.

4. Stay Hydrated

The last thing you want to do on an airplane is use the tiny bathroom, but staying well hydrated during travel can help you from feeling exhausted and cranky… and prevent breakouts associated with travel.