Most Success Stories that we post are excerpts from customer letters or emails. While more difficult to convey, it’s not uncommon for us to field phone calls from happy people who just have to tell someone how much the Teeter has done for them. Just recently, one of our Customer Service agents had this to share (these type of phone calls make their day and ours too!):

“A customer called to say that he has only used his Teeter one time to about 30 degrees of inversion… and now he is pain free! He told me that his back has been in such pain that it would cause him to cry in the mornings before he even got out of bed, and he doesn’t cry easily. Today, he is sitting up and feeling great. He said that Mr. Teeter must use one himself to have designed such a great machine.”

While certainly not a typical experience, this customer found relief after just one session on his Teeter! Now, we all know that the relief is temporary and a regular, daily inversion routine is needed to help decompress and ease tension in the back… but it was fun to hear how excited this customer was after his first experience.

What’s your experience? We invite you to share your own story.