When you purchase a Teeter Hang Ups, we want you to know that we are committed to providing you ongoing support for the lifetime of your purchase, and beyond. Here are some of the ways we want to make sure you have every tool necessary to get the most out of your purchase of a Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table.


1. In-box support materials and online support

Almost all of our products come with an instructional DVD, and all of them come with an owner’s manual that shows you everything you know to invert and an instruction manual that shows you how to put together your inversion table.  If you lost either of these, you can always go online and find inversion table owner’s manuals and instruction manuals for your Teeter Hang Ups.

2. Teeter Knowledge base and FAQs

Have more questions about how to invert, how to improve your experience or who exactly can invert? Check out our storehouse from 30+ years of inversion experience in our inversion FAQ section online.

3. Video Tutorials

Want to watch people using inversion tables? Look to our video inversion tutorial section that shows you how to invert and many other useful tips.

4. Part Requests

While we work to ensure the highest quality in all of our products, we realize that you made require replacement parts from time to time. Unlike many products in our culture today that are designed to be thrown away as soon as one component breaks, we firmly believe that you should only have to replace the part that breaks, helping you protect your investment in your table and your investment in your health.  You can contact us for inversion table part requests on our website or contact a customer service representative at Teeter.

5. Warranty Registration

Want to keep in touch with Teeter and be notified of any changes to your table or our brand? Register your Teeter with us to stay informed of product notifications and changes. Complete product warranty registration online or contact our customer service department for on information about warranty registration.