It’s not like we think we are the only company ever that has been in business for over 30 years, but when you look at who else was making inversion tables 30 plus years ago, Teeter is the only one that is still around. Why?

Teeter’s commitment to quality is amongst our┬átop core values, and that commitment has been unwavering since Roger Teeter started our company in 1981. Because of this commitment, Teeter volunteers all of their products to be tested by UL to the specification specific to inversion tables that UL created. Independent engineering reviews have also listed Teeter as the safest and easiest to use when compared to competing brands.

By giving inversion our undivided attention for over 30 years means you are getting more than a nice inversion table with the best warranty in the industry, or the only table you can customize with accessories. What you get with a Teeter is piece of mind that by buying the best you’re getting the best in quality and safety, allowing you to focus on getting the results you want.