Barley is a great and filling alternative to rice and as a complete whole grain, it provides a wealth of nutrients and serves as a versatile grain for many recipes, from breakfast barley porridge to delicious risotto.

Barley is high in fiber as well as protein and cooks up as quickly as a pot of rice (especially if it is hulled or pearl). Since barley is a soluble fiber, it is good for weight loss (it’s filling), digestion and, according to the FDA, can reduce the risk of cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

A chewier grain than rice, it takes on a slightly nutty tone that can hold up to strong Indian curries, Mexican spices like chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, or even a spicy mustard.

Enjoy these delicious barley recipes tried by the Teeter staff:

Barley risotto with roasted brussels sprouts and champagne honey mustard (this one especially got rave reviews and recipe requests!)

Barley Porridge with honey, almonds and roasted apples

Indian Curry with vegetables and pearl barley