If you haven’t seen it on TV already, the ThunderBell is a new fitness product from Teeter, the same company that has been bringing you the best in inversion therapy equipment for the past 30 years as Teeter Hang Ups.

The ThunderBell’s 7-grip design and movement options replace the need for a kettle bell, barbell, medicine ball and dumbbell, combining the benefits of multiple home gym products into one compact, fitness tool. Apart from its unique and patented design, what truly sets the ThunderBell apart from other fitness products is the powerful and effective ThunderBell Training Program developed by elite pro-athlete and Navy SEALs trainer Jeremy Levine. The ThunderBell Training Program utilizes coordinated, synchronized movements and dynamic sequenced motion patterns to get you moving in a way that engages all muscle groups for balanced muscle development and increased strength, maximizing results in less time.

About introducing the ThunderBell to Teeter’s line-up, Rylie Teeter Leier, co-owner and CEO, says, The prospect of venturing outside of the realm of inversion therapy is not something we approached lightly. For 30 years, we have focused solely on producing the best inversion products on the market. But when we were introduced to the ThunderBell by its inventor Andrew Fife, we knew we had something remarkable on our hands. And Jeremy took our program to the next level with his awesome ThunderBell Training Program, a truly revolutionary workout method that not only builds overall strength and cardiovascular fitness, but improves flexibility and takes care of the joints in a way that is very consistent with Teeter’s overall point of view. I’m really proud of this product and enjoy the workouts myself! In fact, I started this program 6 weeks after the birth of my son and I’ve seen major transformations in my body and am confidently wearing my bikini while on vacation in Mexico.

To learn more about the ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program, including the workout DVDs, Fitness Calendar and Healthy Eating guides, catch our 2-minute spots on TV or visit thunderbelltv.com.