Sure our summer days are filled with fun, frolicking and good times but, often those good times can lead to aches and pains. Here are 5 pit falls to look out for this summer.

  1. Road Trips and Vacations
    Nothing could scream summer more than loading up the car and driving to see a great American monument, or flying to an exotic destination for a couple of weeks but, all that time spent sitting can wreak havoc on your spine and back.  Make sure you take regular breaks for stretches and walking about to prevent soreness and a stiff back.
  2. New and Exciting Activities4026487002_7d50780737_o
    Sure you haven’t been on a water ski since you were 19, but it must be like riding a bike, right? Not quite. While it may be tempting to throw ourselves into fun and new activities, try to pace yourself and your fun.  Building up a little at a time can help increase your endurance and leave you looking forward to activities rather than one extreme day that leaves you regretting your choices.
  3. Sleeping in New Places
    A hammock, a sleeping bag, a friend’s couch or a hotel mattress may not always be kind to your back during your summer adventures. Try to be kind to you back and do stretches and invert when you can.
  4. Heat and Humidity
    Afternoon storms can quickly roll in during the summer months, causing a drastic change to the barometric pressure. “When there is high pressure in the atmosphere, it pushes on your skin and the liquids in your body to be smaller. Low pressure causes a slight increase in volume of those liquids. This increase in volume will push on bones and nerves in your body that do not change size depending on atmospheric pressure and can cause pain or increase pain levels” (
  5. Summer BBQs
    While you are enjoying hot dogs, pasta and potato salad try to add in some fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Gluten, high fructose corn syrup and other synthetic foods can cause inflammation in your body and give you aches and pains all over.

There are so many things to enjoy about summer, so kick back and have a good time! Remember to treat your body kindly and it will do the same to you.