Marathon runners are pretty cool. I’ve always been impressed by the self-control and dedication it takes to train for a marathon. Then you have the will-power and endurance required to finish the marathon itself. If you have ever ran a marathon yourself – be proud of your accomplishment and know you have my admiration!

lisa-tamati_insertNow take everything it takes to prepare and run a marathon, but do it in anticipation of running it on Mt. Everest! Our friend Lisa Tamati (she uses a Teeter) and a crew of other runners start this amazing journey tomorrow and you can follow their progress at They will be doing exactly what the sites name suggests, they will be attempting a marathon on Mt. Everest. Look at these amazing stats to their run:

    • Starting point = 4 to 5 hours past base camp
    • Elevation = Between 18,373 ft (5600 m) and 17,388 ft (5300 m)
    • Temperature = -22 Fahrenheit (-30 Celcius)
    • Number of Runners = 11

You can track the adventure here. We wish Lisa and her team all the success and safety in the world!